Elect Hector: Candidate for Connecticut State Representative District 151
Mianus River

I’m Hector Arzeno and I am running for State Representative for the 151st because Greenwich residents deserve a transparent leader in Hartford dedicated to working on solutions for all of us.

Hector and His Family


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Who I Am

Hector at HomeThroughout my 40 year career, I acquired the many skills I utilize in my public service roles today. These include conflict resolution, a disciplined work ethic, a tireless devotion to achieving goals, and bringing plans to fruition.

In 1986, I was introduced to Greenwich and felt connected to the Town immediately. This is the town where I raised and educated my four children, both in the private and public schools.

I have served as a coach for the Greenwich Youth Soccer League, a volunteered for the Parent Board of Bucknell University, a member of the Sustainability Committee at GCDS, a Greenwich High School Tour Guide and Science Department helper, and a volunteer for the Greenwich Town Conservation Department.

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I graduated from the Catholic University of Argentina with a degree in Business Administration and attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business where I completed an Advanced Management Degree. In 1974, I returned to the US for a training program with Morgan Guaranty Trust (today JP Morgan Chase), and in 1987, I proudly became a US Citizen. I actively participated in forming an Inter-American Financial Institution with the IIC (Inter American Investment Corporation).

In November 2019, I was elected to the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) in District 8, I serve as a delegate on the Finance Committee, and an alternate on the Claims Committee.

Where I Stand on Local Issues

Eliminating Hate

Eliminating HateThe deadly tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary forever changed us in Connecticut. Our General Assembly passed a major gun control bill, with broad bipartisan support. And yet, once again, we must ask, what can we do as a society to prevent this from happening again? I say that we are not doing enough. If elected in November, I pledge to support legislation that expands our state ban on the use of assault style weapons, strengthens background checks and extreme risk "red flag" protection orders, and enables law enforcement to limit the availability of weapons used in hateful acts of domestic terror. I am committed to de-escalating the rhetoric of hate that so often ends in violence today, whether self-directed or hurled at others. But Connecticut cannot do this alone. We need federal action too. I will work with our congressional delegation for national change, because the gun trade does not respect state lines.

Equity in Housing

Equity in HousingI am opposed to the oversized developments proposed for our area, instead I believe sustainable equitable housing can be developed with Town controlled tools such as the Affordable Housing Trust which I fully supported the formation of while on the RTM and strengthening the Town partnership with Greenwich Communities. Greenwich is facing enormous pressure from outdated and inflexible State Statutes (8-30g) that conflict with our environmental efforts to preserve existing housing stock, old growth trees, and open space and as your representative I will work to revise policies to empower our local Planning and Zoning Board.


HealthcareI continue to be surprised at local Republicans failure to stand up for women’s rights when they voted against HB5414. Healthcare is an essential right which should be available to everyone. The possibility of federal erosion to landmark 1973 federal ruling of Roe v. Wade and the future of family health, maternal health services, and women’s health autonomy jeopardized in the court system means that State legislature protection is no longer a theoretical or symbolic. I pledge to protect your right to safe and legal medical care. Expanded protections to Connecticut residents from out of state legal action against their healthcare choices helps everyone.

Technology and Innovation

Technology and InnovationSpeaking with many tech leaders over the last several years, consistently they highlight the value of an educated labor pool to draw from. Towards that end the State Legislature is introducing bills to reduce student educational dept. This is an excellent first step and has my full support. Connecticut’s residents are disproportionately impacted uniquely but student debt, carrying the highest burden in the Nation. Debt contributes to mental health stress, inhibits innovative growth, and forces our younger families and put dreams on hold for dollars. Investing in diverse learning programs, skilled trade development programs is good for families, individuals, and for business. Let’s incentivize our future thinkers to stay and return to Connecticut.

Economic Growth

Economic GrowthCompanies today struggle to retain talent. More than ever quality of life has become a critical differentiator for employees, and a significant part of that quality is the communities in which these companies exist. Let’s give our CT companies a fighting chance to retain talent by giving their employees a community in which to thrive. We should utilize public private partnerships to improve our technology and transportation infrastructures, continue to revitalize our cities so they are attractive to our younger workforce, and work to increase innovative and socially responsible industries, thereby attracting young people to grow with us, and in turn grow with our economy. Finally, ​capitalizing state assets, especially via long term leases will not only pay off the encumbrances weighing on our state and on these assets, but also enable us to rethink other options for the future. Currently, the House has formed a bipartisan committee to investigate this. If we utilize our capital assets for capital projects, especially those which could stimulate business growth, we not only eliminate debt, but stimulate long-term prosperity for our residents and our state.

Business Growth

Business GrowthI believe small business is the keystone to our success, and we must ensure these businesses thrive with unbridled support from our legislature. We must make small businesses easier to operate and form by reducing​ cumbersome filing fees, and using technology as a resource for business management, grant opportunities, navigating taxes, employment strategies, and liquidity and capital management. The key to business growth is supporting new industries while maintaining our main sources of GDP.

Pension Sustainability

Shared Risk and other hybridized pension models ensure security and certainty.​ ​We must partner with our state workers and our treasury to stabilize funding for SERS and TRS. Our state workers unions made substantial concessions but we must look to the long-term effect of our outstanding liabilities on both workers and our state economy. We must reform SERS and TRS to ensure our state workers’ base benefits, while guaranteeing ancillary benefits based on market performance. In doing so, the state and its workers share the risk. In doing so, we can promise workers receive the pensions they are promised while reducing our state liability.

Our Environment

Our EnvironmentI believe conservation should appeal to both sides of the aisle. Who wants to live in a Town with poor water, concrete landscapes, and no parks? Democrats have long championed conservation, but I believe all voters find value in taking care of the community we live in every day! As​ a volunteer for the Greenwich Town Conservation Department at the Mianus River fish ladder, the safety and sustainability of our environment is paramount. We must continue to court clean energy industries, and continue to institute state-wide policies to ensure minimal waste, clean air, and safe shorelines and water. We cannot afford to introduce industries which compromise our environment now and for generations to come. Accordingly, I support creating tax incentives for clean energy industries and will avidly support legislation which protects our environment.


Will you volunteer to help Elect Hector as our State Representative for the 151st District in Greenwich?

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